Hall Septic Service LLC is providing Longview, Texas, and surrounding communities with reliable septic services. Our family-owned and operated company is dedicated to being your only call for septic system pumping.


Our service areas include, but are not limited to:

  • Longview

  • Hallsville

  • Diana

  • Gilmer

  • Gladewater

  • Harleton

  • Kilgore

  • Marshall

  • White Oak

**Warning signs for backups are, but are not limited to:

1. Sewage on the surface. 
2. A distinctive odor.
3. Sinks and/or toilets that are slow to drain and/or bubbling (do not ignore this problem).

Conventional septic tank
  • By not maintaining your conventional septic system correctly, solids build up within the septic system and clog the perforations in your pipes. This will prevent liquid from leaching into the ground and can cause backups.
  • A commercial septic system must be cleaned regularly to maintain a healthy liquid balance.
  • By maintaining a regular septic pumping service, unseen problems can be more easily identified.
septic tank lid

#1 Don't use chlorine 

     (bleach)/phosphate products in   

     the house. Use Clorox 2 (non-

     chlorine bleach) or natural

     products for laundry whites.

#2 I know this one seems nearly

     impossible at our house...

     Wait 8 hours between laundry

     loads. It allows more bacteria to


#3 Use "septic safe" laundry/     

     dishwasher detergents ONLY.

#4 NEVER allow grease down the 

     kitchen sink!

#5 Foreign objects (wipes, feminine

     products, latex products, etc.) will

     ruin sprinkler pumps and will     

     stop up the tank, as they do NOT 


#6 Garbage disposals are harmful to

     septic systems.

#7 Odor is a major sign that your

     aerobic system needs cleaning. 

     (N/A for conventional septic


#8 On average, pumping every 2-3

     years is recommended for.

     (Depends on the size of the tank

     and the size of the family, etc.)

#9 Use of anti-bacterial materials

     (soaps/cleaners) is discouraged.

#10 RidX type products are great for

     conventional septic tanks, NOT for

     aerobic systems!

aerobic septic system
  • Aerobic septic systems contain pumps and electronics that can be destroyed by sludge if left too long. On average the residential aerobic septic system needs to be cleaned every 2-3 years and heavily used commercial septic units should be pumped out yearly. 
  • Cleaning and pumping your aerobic or conventional septic system is a big part of maintaining a long-lasting system.
  • Regular pumping prevents expensive repairs, and keeps the system from failing beyond repair.
  • By maintaining a regular septic pumping service, unseen problems can be more easily identified.